The Importance of Friends and Family to Reduce Stress and Improve Your Success

Dealing With Stress Series – 5

Some of the most miserable people in the world are the loneliest. Everyone can agree that human beings are socially driven people. It can be extremely difficult to feel good without a strong support system and the knowledge that people out there are going to care about your well being and offer you assistance if you should ever need it.

We can all probably remember a time when we were struggling and it was only through the support or friendship of someone else that we were able to find our way out of that difficult situation. Our instincts are usually to help each other out of binds and try to build things together. Most of us would like to coexist peacefully with one another, despite our differences. However, there are also some people out there who would rather leave us high and dry than accept the ways we may differ from them. These are generally not the best people to include in your support system, as they can exhibit toxic behaviours that can cause us to question ourselves and second guess our worth as a means of manipulation.

Rather, consider the people in your life who are always willing to give you a fair chance. People who are supportive and confident in your abilities. People who wonít put you down for their own satisfaction or because you donít always line up with their ideals.
It can be defeating to get your support from someone who may or may not withdraw it at any time. The ups and downs of toxic relationships have a huge impact on our lives. We do have the power to avoid them, however. And in recognizing a toxic relationship before it gets too far we are providing ourselves with the security of knowing that we should never base our sense of self-worth based on anything that someone else says. Especially a toxic person.

However, that isn’t to say that there is no benefit to having a good support network. Knowing that you have truly trustworthy people in your life is so important. If you are able to have friends and family members who truly want to see you succeed, being able to surround yourself with them is a powerful and uplifting experience. Telling them about your ups and downs will always help, and you will get several new perspectives on difficult situations that may open your eyes to new opportunities you may have otherwise missed.

Never overlook the power of the people who care about you most! Sometimes a listening ear is all you need to turn a bad and stressful day into the beginning of a new perspective that could change your life forever!

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