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The Truth About Boosting Your Immunity – Massage

COVID-19 has given us all time to understand how viruses impact our everyday lives and the unpredictability of the spread and mutation of them. We’ve been given advice on how to protect ourselves from this particular virus such as washing our hands regularly and maintaining our distance from others.

We have seen the different impacts of COVID on individuals and healthcare professionals are not able to predict how the virus will affect a person. People of age, with existing health conditions or particular ethic backgrounds are most likely to hospitalised with COVID. There are however, people who are apparently fit and well becoming seriously ill once catching this virus. 

Some information about the potential positive impact of vitamin D has been released by the UK government and many vulnerable people given months supplies of it. It does seem that a strong immune system is allowing people to carry the virus and be asymptomatic. There are many ways in which to boost your immunity through diet, exercise, supplements, sleep and even meditation. 

The BBC has recently produced a programme looking at the impact of massage on immunity. Take a look at this clip or watch the full programme on BBC iPlayer.

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