Avoiding Too Much of a Good Thing

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One issue some of us may face is overworking our bodies. While it is true that staying active and getting regular exercise is incredibly important, there is also a dark side to getting too much activity. Sometimes becoming addicted to exercise, movement, and activity can actually put extra stress on your body and mind. This can be especially true if you find a sense of validation from trying to work toward a specific body image.

Stress from attempting to accomplish these types of goals can cause a lot of stressors, not only in our minds but physically as well once that drive goes into action. Most people fail to realize that there is such a thing as overdoing it with their physical exertion. If you arenít visibly injuring yourself, then it may seem like there is no problem at all in exercising your heart out.

Unfortunately, the things that we are experiencing in our bodies are often invisible. We do not get signs and symptoms of serious issues until it is too late, and constantly exercising releases stress hormones into the brain. It is important to make sure that you are not overloading your body with this type of stress, as it can ultimately be problematic for your heart and sometimes even your mood. Make sure that you are giving yourself a reasonable amount of rest so that your muscles can repair themselves and you are able to do things in a healthy way.

It is always important not to put yourself to extremes in any situation. While there can always be room for improvement, there is also a lot to be said for enjoying things in moderation. You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Just do your best not to obsess about it and if possible, keep in mind the fact that your physical fitness is not a total reflection of your worth. It is okay to take things easy once in a while and still find value in yourself.

While it is always important to stay active, everything that we do takes a toll on us. Constantly putting yourself through stressors that can easily be avoided is dangerous. Consider all of the stories you may have heard about people who are shocked by a loved one who is in peak physical condition having heart attacks or other health issues that we are often thought exercise is meant to avoid. It is possible those people are guilty of overdoing it with their exercise regimen.

The purpose of this article isnít to discourage you from exercise. Being active is a vital part of living a healthy life. However, make sure that you are being active in a safe way, because too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad one, no matter what it is!

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