Being a musician who spends a lot of time in one position, I’ve needed help keeping my back and arms working! Thankfully with the integration of the Alexander Technique in most musicians training, understanding the mechanics of movement helps keep us injury free. Sometimes very long days in rehearsals and performances can still take their toll and we need a little help!

Over the years I’ve had a number of back treatments as a way of maintaining my range of movement and also it’s a great way of having some time out. There are many kinds of treatments available depending on where the problem exists, so if you’re struggling with joint pain then chiropractic or osteopathic treatments may be more appropriate, whereas tired, sore or tight muscles may respond better with a deep tissue massage. 

The COVID-19 blackout of 2020 allowed me to develop my interest in massage into acquiring formal training and Level 3 qualification in massage therapy. It’s been so influential in my life for both my physical well-being, I’m delighted to now have the training and skills to be able to offer those services to others.

Massage therapy is great for both the body and mind and there is much evidence to support its effectiveness in reducing pain, increasing flexibility and strengthening the immune system. 

There are discounts for industry professionals so please get in touch.